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Welcome to the wine region of Ahr, the most northern and smallest region in Germany. The Ahr river valley is a beautiful landscape with vineyards growing on the hillsides shadowing the river. Known as a red wine consumers paradise, this region produces many of Germanys high quality reds.
It is believed that wine has been cultivated in this area since Roman times, with the oldest documented vineyard dating back to 833 AD. Ahr red wines began gaining world notoriety in the mid to late 17th century. Their fame continues to grow even today as some of the worlds best red wines.
Types of Grapes Grown
Riesling - white
Mller-Thurgau - white
Kerner - white
Rulnder - white
Ortega - white
Weiburgunder - white
Optima - white
Sonstige - white
Blauer Sptburgunder - red
Blauer Portugieser - red
Blauer Frhburgunder - red
Dornfelder - red
Domina - red
Regent - red
Dunkelfelder - red
Rotberger - red
Sonstige - red
Region Fun Facts
The region is 1,354 acres, the smallest in Germany
Most northern wine region in Germany
Red grapes constitute 88% of growth in the region
Sptburgunder is the German name for Pinot Noir
Known for its red wines since the 17th century