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Abruzzo is ranked 14th in size and population of all the Italian regions, and although considered part of southern Italy it is more central. It is the most mountainous region in Italy with the interior occupied by the Apennines Mountains. On its coast it boarders the Adriatic Sea, which allowed it to play host too many different cultures throughout the years.
Although Abruzzos name is derived from Latin it has had various names under Roman rule. It was once known as Abruzzi and joined together with Molise as one region ruled by the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. During these times viniculture was present, but it is difficult to determine which culture introduced it.
Types of Grapes Grown
Chardonnay - white
Cococciola - white
Pinot Bianco - white
Sauvignon - white
Trebbiano - white
Cabernet Sauvignon - red
Montepulciano - red
Pinot Nero - red
Sangiovese - red
Syrah - red
Region Fun Facts
Abruzzo has several grape varieties, the above are a few
The region has 74,100 acres of vineyards
Abruzzo produces 100,320,000 gallons of wine annually
Was once known as, and still maybe referred to as Abruzzi
Abruzzo is known for sheep herding